AKILÉÏNE® Foot Bath Salts 1 kilo

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    AKILEINE Foot Bath Salts Professional Size: For an immediate refreshing and relaxing sensation, this bath salt cleanses the skin and sooths tired feet. It helps maintain moisture while deodorizing and providing a pleasant sensation of well-being


    Tired and swollen feet. Excellent soaking solution before a pedicure.

    Instructions for use

    Pour 2 spoonfuls of salts into 5 liters of fesh or lukewarm water.
    Soak the feet for 10 to 15 minutes.
    Dry without rinsing.

    Key ingredients

    Sodium Camphosulphonate
    Capryloyl and Collagenic Lipoaminoacid
    Pine Extract
    Peppermint Extract
    Rosemary Extract
    Eucalyptus Extract
    Paraben Free