Fraiseuse Podotronic Opus Led

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    High-end, innovative and an independent design. This is the new OPUS – series. The OPUS I is the top model of the new OPUS – series with 40.000 RPM with brushless motor, which convinces even the most pretentious podiatrist.

    A combination of experience over years in design and the latest insights of modern podiatry. The OPUS I is available with or without LED- suction handpiece. The latest LED generation provides a true light with no shadowing and is stageless dimmable to the desired light intensity.

    • Clearly arranged keyboard with soft-keys
    • Large digital display incl. all useful information
    • 4x memory function (RPM-memory)
    • 1x ECO-key & 1x memory for suction power                                                                                    
    • Voltage: 220-240 Volt / 50 HZ
    • Power input: 405 Watt
    • Micro motor speed: max 40 000 RPM
    • Weight: ca. 4,0 Kg (Set)
    •                  Handpiece weight: 110 G                                    
    • Change filter reminder (filter control system)
    • Infinitely adjustable suction performance by 2 stage, powerful turbine provides a clean working environment
    • The medically tested filter system offers the best protection for your health
    • Integrated handpiece rest