ORLY® GelFX - Air of Mystique - 9 ml

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    1)    Sanitize, push back cuticles, and remove excess oil with Gel FX 3-in-1 Cleanser.

    2)    Lightly prime the nail tips with vitamin infused Gel FX Primer. Avoid the surrounding skin and let air dry for 30 seconds. It will appear shiny. 

    3)    Apply a thin layer of vitamin infused Gel FX Basecoat to fingers and cure. 

    4)     Apply a thin coat of your choice of Gel FX Nail Lacquer and cure. Apply second coat and cure.

    5)    Apply a thin, even coat of Gel FX Topcoat and cure.

    6)    Remove the sticky layer with the "Gel Fx 3-in-1 Cleanser".

    * Cure with LED (30-60 seconds) or UV (1-2 minutes) lamp between each step. Cure time varies by shade. ORLY Gel FX LED 480FX Lamp: Place nails flat in the lamp. Cure fingers first, then thumbs separately.