Non contact infrared body thermometer

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    01- Forehead Thermometer Operation Guidelines

    This non contact thermometer works in ambient temperatures between 5°C & 40°C & where the relative humidity is less than 93%. It uses a multi colour display to diagnose fever & is an accurate forehead thermometer.

    02 – Preparation

    Please make sure you move hair, perspiration etc from the forehead before measuring the temperature

    Make sure the measuring distance between the forehead & thermometer is 1-5CM


    03 – Notes

    Please don’t take the body temperature if the patient is sweating or has used a cold compress, as this will lower the resulting measurement.

    Please measure the body temperature 3 times & record the highest value


    04 – Body Mode vs Surface Mode

    Not only can the thermometer measure body temperature, but it can also measure the surface temperature, eg. room, bath water, food & baby milk etc

    When the device is on, short press the mode button to switch between body mode & surface mode. The LCD will display “body” for body mode & “surface” for surface mode.

    Please note: Body mode is for body temperature & surface mode is for object surface temperature.

    Requires 2 x AAA Batteries (not included)