BENTLON® Beauty Gold Armchair with Heated Back - White

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      • With chair heating: Yes
      • Number of actuators: 3
      • Length:  195-225 cm
      •  Chair width: 79 cm
      • Sitting width: 61 cm
      • Height: 65-89 cm
      • Chair weight: 54-60 kg
      • Max. permitted weight: 200 kg 


      • Watt: 230W
      • Upholstery: Imitation leather
      • Coloured upholstery: 37
      • Aluminium: Optional
      • Wengé: Optional
      • Extendable head support: Standard
      • Tilting head support: Standard
      • Head support depth adjustment: Standard
        • Extendable foot support: Standard


      • Fold-away arm supports: Standard 
      • Memory lying and exit position: Standard
      • Height adjustment: Electrical
      • Tilt adjustment: Electrical
      • Back adjustment: Electrical
      • Leg adjustment: Gas compression spring
      • Link leg and backrest: Mechanical
      • Patented step-out assist: Not available