BENTLON® Podo Milling Machine Water Jet Silver Smart BL 40K RPM

Product # 11445

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    Experience a powerful motor and a lightweight hand piece!


      • Voltage: autorange  
      • Hand piece: Smart BL
      • Weight hand piece: 98 gr  
      • Brushless motor: Yes
      • Power: 120W
      • LED: Yes
      • Speed: 40.000rpm


      • Speed settings: 19
      • Dimensions (WxDxH) cm: 30,2 x 22,5 x 17
      • Weight: 3,4kg 
      • Display: LCD Blue
      • Spray reservoir (ml): 245 ml 
      • Reservoir: Removable
      • Operated by: Turnable knob


      • Spray settings: Variable
      • Memory spray: n/a
      • Memory speed: 3
      • Noise (db): 50dB 
      • Carry handle: Yes 
      • Footcontrol option: Yes 
      • LED Bentlon logo: No