BENTLON® Cabinet Gold XS White with drawer & UVC light

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    The Bentlon Gold cabinets are equipped with the latest technologies that make your work as a beautician or pedicure a lot easier. The cabinet contains of a drawer with UV light to keep your instruments sterile. The towel holder provides a work lamp holder, which is easy to adjust to your preference. In addition to the 2 sockets located on the back of the cabinet, the ease of use is optimal through the power outlet inside the cabinet. This connection allows you to connect various beauty equipment or a pedicure engine. The cabinet has an open drawer that can also be used as a place for your equipment. The durable drawers feature a push-to-open printing system. The cabinet can be expanded with an extra towel rack. The highlight of the Bentlon Gold cabinet is the LED lighting in the top of the cabinet which provides a beautiful blue tint. A real eye-catcher!