BSN® LEUKOTAPE® K - Elastic adhesive tape (2.5 cm x 5 m) Beige

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    Leukotape® K supports sensory functions. Wave pattern adhesive allows air to circulate and full mobility is preserved.

    Extremely thin and skin-friendly:
    • Wave pattern adhesive can support the therapeutic effect
    • Stretchable, works ideally with the skin‘s natural elasticity
    • Protective liner for better handling
    • Polyacrylate adhesive for reliable adhesion
    • Backing material of cotton, hard wearing and skin friendly

    Patient oriented and patient friendly:
    • High user comfort
    • Durable for up to one week‘s use
    • Sports and showering present no problem
    • Easy to remove

    Main uses:
    • Headache
    • Back pain
    • Lymph edema
    • Muscular pain