AKILÉÏNE® Anti-Callous Rubbing Cream 500 ml

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    AKILEINE Anti-Callous Rubbing Cream Professional Size: For very dry heels and calluses, this exfoliating cream easily removes hard, dead skin INSTANTLY. Its smoothing and softening action prepares the skin to better absorb the Akileïne moisturizing treatment. Removes rough skin on the heels, the front of the foot and the pressure zones. Softens and smoothes the most dehydrated skin.


    Very dry feet and calluses.

    Instructions for use

    After soaking, dry feet and apply a small quantity to the bottom of feet.
    Massage until rolling effect begins, concentrating on areas with greatest build up.
    Continue massage until all product has been rolled off.
    For severe dryness, you may want to use the foot rasp first.

    Key ingredients

    Boric acid
    Colloidal Silica
    Coconut shell Micro Grain
    Paraben Free