BUSCH  - Your specialist for rotary precision instruments and tools since 1905

Every day we meet the challenges of creating meaningful innovations and sophisticated solutions for users with high expectations around the world.
Our comprehensive range of products includes carbide burs and cutters, diamond burs, polishers, abrasives, steel instruments and ceramic cutters.
As a manufacturer, absolute precision and high quality standards are the benchmarks for our production. This is why the entire production chain, from the blank to the final product,
is in our hands at our site in Engelskirchen, Germany.
The company-owned engineering department designs and realises high-precision manufacturing facilities according to our internal specification for our products.
As a family company managed successfully in the 3rd generation, we do not think on a quarterly basis, but in terms of generations, with a sense of tradition and a good eye for trendsetting developments.
Thanks to our dedicated and motivated team, you are in best hands with us.

We are, of course, certified according to ISO 13485.

Diamond instruments

Our diamond instruments are indispensable in professional foot care.
The blank of the diamond instrument is turned from stainless steel and the corresponding working part is coated with high-quality diamond grit in a modern electroplating process.
Over the years, we have developed a wide and extremely innovative range of diamond instruments. In particular, our passive safety instruments are indispensable for foot treatment in diabetics.

Hybrid instruments

The patented combination of abrasive grits - diamond and ceramic - make the hybrid file a high-tech product for modern podiatry.
Despite the essentially finer hybrid grit, it delivers significantly greater abrasion performance in both dry and wet techniques, as well as leaving a finer surface.

Powerful and precise cutting

Our carbide instruments made of finest-grain carbide will convince customers with their precise power cuts as well as their extremely high concentricity.
The solid, stable design also ensures a long service life and high economic efficiency, as well as protecting your drive.

KERA - the whites among the cutters

This aesthetic material wins over customers with its excellent fracture toughness and hardness, which, equipped with the proven BUSCH cuts, lead to the best treatment results.

The up to 60 % lower weight of this high-performance ceramic compared to carbide enables gentle milling on natural or even artificial nails.
Patients with pronounced metal allergies benefit from the increase in biocompatibility. 

Smoothing and Polishing

Our polishers bring a shine to natural and artificial nails. You will find a wide selection in our extensive product range, from classic silicone polishers to impregnated polishing buffers.


Our quality management system encompasses the following areas:

Development, manufacture and/or sale of

  • rotary steel, carbide, diamond and ceramic instruments
  • rotary ceramic abrasives
  • polishers and brushes
  • as well as accessories for medical and non-medical use


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