NAMROL® Standard pedicure unit ACTIV
Product #2EN-491

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    A great cabinet, in a compact version

    Concentrated expression of the well-known Namrol treatment units. Personnel as to the possibilities and convincing in terms of
    performance. With efficient technologies and modern instrumentation solutions.

    Intuitive and easy-to-use control

    The control keyboard manages all the functions of the unit, achieving maximum simplicity and total information on the LCD screen. The keys ensure a simple sanitization at the same time as a quick adjustment of the instruments and the functions of the unit with automatic selection when the instrument is picked up. Easy pre-selection reading of the set speed of the micromotor in rpm. and the direction of rotation. It incorporates two work memories for each instrument.


    An orderly work space

    The optimal maneuverability of the console of the team favors the maintenance of a correct and natural posture.

    Stylized and practical, the design of the Activ instrument console allows quick access to instruments.

    Its configuration of hanging hoses offers a wide range of the instrument making it very manageable.


    Style and progress design

    The design combines style and progress, key factors to achieve the trust and fidelity of patients. The lacquered pieces of the body of the equipment and the harmonic lines acquire a unique aspect.

    Functionality and versatility

    Under the simplicity of its design, it hides a treatment unit of great technical complexity, achieved by its monoblock metal construction and the best ergonomic solutions, to ensure the podiatrist high performance and optimal functionality in your clinic.

    The optimal maneuverability of the console of the team favors the maintenance of a correct and natural posture.


    Solid surface

    The table top manufactured in non-porous Quirofibra helps to avoid the penetration of liquids and facilitates cleaning and disinfection. It incorporates a handle for the movement of the unit.


    Optionally Activ can incorporate a system of wheels with individual locking, facilitating movement in several rooms of the clinic.


    On the back it incorporates a 230V connection, ideal for the incorporation of magnifying lamps.

    Your personalized workstation: unique as you are

    Choose from the multiple options of additional equipment the best that adapt to your work.