AKILEÏNE Double Action Deodorant Foot Cream 50 ml

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    AKILEINE Double Action Deodorant Foot Cream: Immediate effect from the very first application. Prevents and reduces offensive disagreable odours. Deodorizes and helps to keep feet dry all day long. Protects the skin from irritation caused by excessive moisture. Recommended for fragile skin especially the area between the toes.


    Feet prone to sweating
    Skin weaken by excess perspiration
    Strong perspiration odors

    Instructions for use

    Apply twice daily for 14 days.
    Concentrate on the area between the toes and the soles of the feet.
    Space out applications after 2 weeks and use as often as required.

    Key ingredients

    Lipsters USS® – Anti-Fungal Agent
    Dermoprotective C8G/AL Lipoaminoacid