FIXTOE PRO - Protector and straightener for toe deformities - Single size - Beige

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    Fixtoe is a device created for the conservative treatment of Metatarsophalangeal Predislocation Syndrome or floating toe. It relieves metatarsal pain associated with joint subluxation and MTP flexor plate damage.


    Anti-slip silicone to prevent the bandage from slipping on the toe.

    Pad with firewall that allows the possibility of unloading in a horseshoe.

    Ultra-thin bandage that allows greater comfort for the patient when putting it on with shoes.

    Silicone antidérapant pour éviter de glisser sur l'orteil.

    Coussin métatarsien avec zone réglable pour redistribuer les charges plantaires du pied avant.

    Sangle de correction antibactérienne extra-mince réglable.

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      Anti-slip silicone to prevent the bandage from slipping on the toe.

      Immediate relief of metatarsalgia associated with digital deformity.

      Slows down the evolution of the digital deformity.

      Stabilizes the metatarsophalangeal joint.

      Delays the appearance of metatarsal callus and the dorsum of the central toes.

      Adjusts to the ergonomics of any type of foot thanks to its universal size.

      Removable strap to align the toe that is affected.

      Removable pad so it can be placed with orthopedic insole


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    Extra thin, seamless tie bandage made of a leather-like material that allows to correct the toe with the deformity simulating the tape. Movable depending on the finger to be treated.


    Adapts to the morphology of the foot thanks to its elastic and breathable material. The device is also one size fits all.


    Cushions the metatarsal area with cut- out area to redistribute the plantar loads of the affected metatarsal.

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